Breast Fat Graft + Liposuction

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Breast implants can boost self esteem for many women, and I am one of them! My chest is quite flat and I feel less feminine when beside my busty friends. LOL. I contemplated for many years before deciding to have breast augmentation. However, instead of putting breast implants, I chosed to have boob fat grafting surgery in Deesse Plastic Surgery Clinic because I want the results to be really natural without anyone close to me realizing it!
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Time flies as its been a month after surgery! I’m so excited and I can't wait to show you my recovered pictures after 30 days! All the bruises disappeared but what makes me really happy is the feeling of my new breasts! It feels so soft n real and there is no scarring on my breast. My self confidence immediately boosted having received multiple compliments from my besties!
I feel like I'm almost recovered now after a week plus. No more bad bruising as you can see!
3 days after surgery I have bruises around my breast. I got so worried that I went to the hospital to check up but the doctor assured me that was nothing serious. Bruising is a common recovery process and after I took a week's rest, the bruises gradually faded away.
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