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Secondary Rhinoplasty and Thread Lifting in BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea!

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I am flying to KOREA tomorrow. This picture was taken 3 years back, when i was having much of a k-pop fever. Head to toe, Korean style, everywhere i go, people thought i am from Korea. However, i have never been to Korea at all, this will be my very 1ST TIME! Excited but nervous at the same time as i am going for PLASTIC SURGERY! After penning down my thoughts on surgery, a lot of kind friends reached out to me, including actors, doctors even k-pop artist manager, offering sincere help. I'm speechlessly grateful to all the kind souls out there. Some supporters wrote to me encouraging me "to do what my heart feel", while few long-time fans actually pm me that they were petty much affected thinking that they might not see my same face again. Sorry that i have to break the news of going ahead with my plastic surgery plan. But i will not disappear, i will keep everyone posted every now & then. From my previous post, i was informed that one of my shortlisted hospitals actually do have its clinic in Singapore. I immediately rushed down the next morning to meet with the Founder of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, Dr Kim Byung Gun. He was only in Singapore for one day and flying off the next, lucky that i caught him. Dr Kim is a famous plastic surgeon, he is the one i just seen on channel news asia. He has also went on various international news like USA cnn, UK bbc, France canal+, Australia network10, Korea mbc, Tv Tokyo future century japan. I told him about all my concern of my 1st sign of aging & my insecurity on my fatty nose. Dr Kim pointed out that i have an upturned nose, its my 1st time hearing it, though i always feel my nose is somehow weird but i don't know what is it, except that it is obviously huge & fat. I had a consultation with BK SG doctor, in order to have a more perfect nose, i need 3 different surgeries procedures on my nose itself, including open rhinoplasty with silicone implant inserted, septal cartilage, correction rhinoplasty & lengthening operation. These procedures will reshape upturned nose, reduce bulbous nose & narrow nose wing. This is a secondary surgery, a more complex one than usual nose surgery. Bye to the wide and upturned nose, Hello to the foxy cute nose!
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ONE MONTH Review Today is exactly 1 month 1day from my Plastic Surgery Day. All Well! I just can't stop adoring my new look, loving my new nose each day by day. As my inner nose tip swelling went down, my nose get more define. U can see its a curved nose. Yes! CURVED NOSE is the most in trend nose in korea now. It is curved at the top of the nose bridge & pointed up at the tip, which is more natural looking on asians. Different from the past usual straight & sharp nose which is from the straight 'L' bridge implant. I heard these days, a lot of asians are removing their previous obvious 'L' implant to go for the curve one, looking more feminine, subtle, natural & yet still have an overall sharp looking features feel. Right before the surgery, i had an detailed consultation with my doctor, Dr Kim Byung Gun. We discuss on the nose shape, nose tip, nose wing.... i get so confused to choose, so i just told doctor, "Please just make me a PERFECT NOSE, according to what you think... & be suitable for my face." I had not trust the wrong doctor.. Dr Kim indeed gotten me a nose that became my dream nose now. Loving how it bends into my face.. The curve shape also make me looks younger i feel.. Then of course my threadlifted cheeks now is firmer & more lifted up. Goodbye, sunken cheeks! The threads inserted into the deep layer, of my skin, will continue to stimulate my skin cells to produce new collagen, results in skin tightening & younger looking skin. The threads will be absorable after 6 months.. but the 1st 2 weeks have to be careful not to laugh too big, or talk with too much expressions. So I have been a very quiet & demure girl these weeks.. haha.. Overall Result is HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!
SWAGNESS is BACK! Face swellness are gone! Threadlift effects are working, i having a more Lift up V face, sunken cheeks are well lifted. My smile-lines are looking more faded and fillers filled up the deep crease on my nasolabial fold. Watch the moment i raise my eyebrow, there is Zero wrinkle lines, all smooth! There is also completely Zero frown lines for now. Thanks Dr Kim Byung Gun for the perfect great job. I love my much youngful face, yet everything was looking perfectly natural. No weirdness or awkwardness. I'm still natural looking, with wrinkles gone quietly... I had also reduced my nose wing. My nostril holes are smaller by half. So small, u know u can never dig yr nose with yr finger again. Laugh! .. As for my round bulbous nose surgery, it involves removing fat layers under the alar skin , my nose cartilage was also cut out to revise my nose tip. The swelling from complex secondary bulbous nose surgery usually will last for a few months. So i will still have to bear with my swelling nose for quite a well.. In months, it will develop into a smaller define nose, as the swelling goes down.. woo.. Thank you, BK hospital for all the help in my tough yet fulfilling great journey.. Thank you every kind souls in BK hospital. Great market team- Nancy, Cheerful cameraman, English consultant/translator- Heidi, & all nurses.. all r super caring & lovely plus PRETTY misses Stay tune to more of my interview videos on the journey
My face is swollen up. Its a secondary nose surgery that involved cutting my nostrils & re-stitch it, my septal cartilage was also cut out for cartilage grafting of nose tip. After the surgery, there's a surgical sponge struck in nostrils for 24hrs, so i can only breath with my mouth. It was hard to pull through the 24hrs. Throughout the night, i totally did not sleep, just lying in the bed, hard to breath, i was so tempted to pull out the sponge myself. Nostrils were also still bleeding that need to constantly change the gauze. & when i try to drink water, i will get choke, water will flow out from my nostrils & wet the gauze. Zzz. Lying on the bed kept checking on the time, hoping time will pass faster. Finally morning came, Dr Kim, pull out the sponge from my nostrils. It was a great Ouch! Whew.. right after i feel re-life. Breath normally again. Trauma from nose & thread lift surgery, made my face swollen up like a heat ball for days. I am so glad that i had pulled through it. To me, it was all worth it. FEW DAYS OF TOLERANCE IN EXCHANGE FOR YEARS OF YOUTHFULNESS & BEAUTY. Despite netizens usually like to give a bad name to plastic surgery. I personally see it as a WONDERFUL thing, because of the advance in plastic surgery & aesthetics, women now can LAST IN YOUTHFULNESS LONGER than the olden days. IT'S LIKE A PRIVILEGE IN TODAY'S WORLD & I MADE USE OF IT. Plastic surgery uses in appropriate ways, not abusively, has actually help a lot of women in the world to gain beauty & confidence. But not much goodwill was spoken on it, people usually shy away about their surgery, celebrities deny to the end about having job done on their face, despite it is pretty obvious. It is mainly due to the fact that netizens still do not accept the concept of plastic surgery, & likes to mock against it. Here i am staying in the hospital, in the same floor i met a number of aunties in their 50s, 60s, jus had their surgery procedure done, these procedures can greatly reverse their aging, they seems happily looking forward to their end result after recovery, & from the bottom of my heart, i am happy for them too. SEE THE BEAUTY IN ALL THINGS!