Face contour + Eyelid + Nose Surgery

Daong Daong

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I had masculine face shape due to protruded cheekbone and square jawline. I tried botox and injection to make my face smoother, but it didn’t work. Also my nose was blunt and curved with dull looking eyes even with big eyes. So I also wanted to correct my nose, and have clear double eyelid line. Therefore, I decided for surgery and I chose Banobagi for my change as it is well known for safe and natural result after plastic surgery. And I am fully satisfied with the result as 6 months passed. Dr. Oh ChangHyun and Dr. Kim Hakyoung are the two names I will never forget for my life. I thank them sincerely for giving me a new life to live!! What I love the most from getting surgery done at Banobagi is naturalness. Even my friends who got plastic surgery done at other clinics envy me about having natural result!
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My friends compliment me that my face got so small and look better in the photo with clear eyes and higher nose! Masculine face structure to feminine face line! As 6 months passed, I get compliments about my faceline being perfectly egg shape, and also look younger!!!!
I have new habit after surgery, which is make-ups. As I got prettier, I want to make myself more prettier and wear the make-ups which I never wore before the surgery. Except I go work out, I wear the make-ups everywhere! My friends and family are happy to see my change in not only appearance, but also my personality!
My eyes and nose is so naturally done which I LOVE the most!!!! Face contouring is just so amazing.. I love taking not only selfies, but also all the photos taken from others because I look good in every angle!! Thank you so much Banobagi Surgeons T.T
I can open my mouth easily b practicing regularly, and so I can sing well too!! I’m so happy! But since I’m wearing braces, my pronunciation is not clear, so I try to correct it with singing~
I was instructed that I can wear make-ups from 3 weeks after surgery, but I was being careful and was not so into it, so I didn’t wear make-ups for long time, and today, I went out to meet friends, so I wore the make-ups! I can see that I have minor swelling left, but it will go away naturally, so I should be patient! Before the surgery, I couldn’t even though of wearing hair band because it makes my face bigger, but now, it doesn’t!! SO IMPRESSING.. T.T I can open my mouth easily now than before, and happy to see myself recovering well ^^
I still have some minor swellings, right? I took a selfie yesterday, and I looked so good! But not today I guess… T.T I practice mouth opening everyday~ It is summer, and it’s very hot to do warm towel massage, but I have fan that can cool me, so no worries~
I can smile now and move my mouth more easily~ The bruise from eyelid is gone now and the line is becoming more natural day by day. What I love the most after surgery is,, my profile!! OMG I LOVE my profile with beautiful nose line and faceline!! My family and friends compliment me for my faceline!!
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2016-08-19 00:00:00 0
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I have squarish jaws as well so I understand your pain gal!
2016-07-03 00:00:00 0
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Loving your new eyes!!
2016-06-10 00:00:00 0
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Wow fast recovery! Already looking great 94 days after surgery!
2016-05-26 00:00:00 0
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You look a lot more feminine after!!! Very natural, I like!
2016-05-03 00:00:00 0
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