Rhinoplasty revision, Epi and Lateral canthoplasty, Fat grafting

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I did Rhinoplasty revision, Epi and Lateral canthoplasty, Fat grafting. My first rhinoplasty was decided quite recklessly, without any prior knowledge to the surgery. I found a small clinic that offered a good price and I took up the offer. Little did I realize after the surgery, I had thinning skin where my implants can be seen and my nose also looked crooked. The waiting period before I could get a rhinoplasty revision was a real torture. I consulted with many clinics before I decided on Apgujong Seoul Plastic Surgery for my rhinoplasty revision, and also by the way decided on epi, lateral canthoplasty and fat grafting. Right after surgery there wasn’t any swelling nor bruising.
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6 months after my fat graft surgery and I look even better! Looks like the fat survival is really pretty good!
After 3 months, facial fat grafting was already looking very natural as I planned for the second fat top up.
After 7 days, I had to remove stitches at the hospital. I could see from the side that my nose looked higher and my alars smaller. I loved it! The doctor who attended to me during stitches removal told me that my rhinoplasty implants were actually inverted previously! Please do not attempt to compromise safety with those small and cheap clinics which I did previously!
Peak swelling occurred on day 2 after surgery but it went down a little from day 3 onwards.
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I like it! you look so good!
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So pretty!!
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