Plastic glasses?? No problem!!

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Initially I wanted for only a rhinoplasty but after consultation I decided on having double eyelid surgery as well. The doctor explained how I often used my forehead muscles to open my eyelids which will eventually cause deeper forehead wrinkles. I should correct the strength of my eyelids to prevent this problem.
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Check my pictures six months after ~ ^^
Doing make up was also such a breeze, unlike using plenty of shading and colour. With a sophisticated face, I can even go out with minimal or without make up.
After a month post-surgery, there was no pain when I touch my nose gently. My peers all complimented that I looked much softer than before.
The nose cast was removed on the seventh day and my nose looked high up for once! My eyes were looking good except for a bit of bruising leftover.
I had my surgery and swelling became worse on the second day. Bruising mainly occurred under my eyes. On the third day, more swelling went down
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I like it! very natural!
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You look so good!
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from auntie to cutie!
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