Non incision- ptosis correction, Epicanthoplasty , Lateral Canthoplasty

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First day after the surgery wasn’t too bad for me but it was the second day that I started to feel all the swelling and blister like wounds under my eyes.
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Do you still recognise how I looked three months ago? Well I don’t ^_^
did you recognize that i just did eyes done 3 months ago? lol ^^
At first I thought I would need a long time to recover but I felt all of my swelling gone within a month. I suspected my daily jogs and light exercises contributed highly to that.
On the seventh day I could remove stitches. I felt so much relief once the stitches were out of my eyes. I could wash better without the stitches in my eyes but from second day I could start washing my face.
Third day post operation, the blister like wounds were still around and my vision was a little affected by that.
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Its a good change! i like it!
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Always thought that if i get my face done in Korea, i will look like everyone else.. but i guess im wrong!!
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What a change!
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What a cutie!
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