Facial contouring + eye revision + nose + fat repositioning, Make Over!!!

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It's been a year since I had my facial contouring surgery and I am doing well without any infection or pain from the surgery. There isn't any major swelling left and I haven't been doing the follow up checkups since my schedule has been so busy. I did facial contouring surgery on my zygoma, jaw and chin, as well as eye and nose revisions. I wanted a natural Barbie doll face line and I thought if I did all the surgeries together, I could bargain for a better price. Whenever I tell people I did bone surgery, I get questioned if there are side effects during eating or opening of the mouth, and if I still feel any numbness around the chin area. I feel as normal as any other person and yet much more confident post-surgery. Unless the surgery goes really wrong, side-effects rarely happens. My only advice to people is that if you had time to divide the surgeries, you should consider doing the facial contouring first then eyes and nose after. That way the initial suffering wouldn't be so bad. But all in all after one year.
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this is my 6th month after my surgery. i feel more happy with my new looks. and its worth it~!! I love my looks now since I have a smaller face with more defined features.thank you to misooda that leads me to find my great hospital with very great price~
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Great improvement! You look so much fresher!
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Looking good!
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