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I always walked hunching my shoulders because I had small and volumeless breasts. I wanted to wear clothes with low neckline or bikini in summer… I decided to have breast plastic surgery because I couldn’t live with flat breasts forever! I had to use enhancers pads for bra, and they were terrible in hot summer. I wanted to end with those thick pads so I took a big step and started a great relationship with AILIN. Before surgery, I was so skinny and had very small breasts that I was bullied I had a “primary school girl body”. I was so upset. I didn’t feel confident about me so I always walked hunching my shoulders and even though I wanted to wear sexy and pretty clothes, I couldn’t.
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Because of my skinny body, small and sagging breasts, I used to be called “Primary School Girl Body”. But now those days of that ugly title are gone And I feel born again to a beauty with voluminous S-line that I have always envied. My oldest dream was to wear a bikini at water park in summer and show my body confidently, And now it is a dream come true! All my friends are jealous of me~ I still can’t believe that I have breasts like these, I am so happy every single day :D I almost feel sorry about the days that I spent hesitating because of meaningless fear. I strongly recommend to meet AILIN to all of you who is still hesitating  Thanks again, AILIN PLASTIC SURGERY!! THANKS AILIN
I do not have any inconvenience in living now. When I touch it, it feels so natural and soft. Now I have natural C-cup size breasts!! I still get surprised looking me at the mirror. My body looks much better that I don’t know why I was so hesitated. I feel more confident about me. Thank you so much AILIN!!
Now the stiffness is gone. I can lay on my bed and sleep comfortable. I don’t have any trouble to live my daily life. The surgery scar that I was worried is fading as well~ I feel easy to raise my arm. I think my recovery is faster because I went to the hospital without missing any follow-up care. It has been 1 month… I think after more time I will forget that I even had surgery.
The pain wasn’t bad as I worried and neither the bruise and scar weren’t big like I thought it would be~ I think it is because the Surgeon did a really good job. At first, it was little hard to lie down or to get up, but after few days the heavy pain went disappearing. I tried to walk a lot, eat well and now I’m comfortable enough to not care much. I wish I did it earlier… It feels good~
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which incision method did you do? i did mine from under the breast in Bangkok and im kinda worried now.. Seems like there will be those dark scars.. ):
2017-01-07 00:00:00 0
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!!! so nice !! a perfect size for wearing clothes i think!!!
2016-12-22 00:00:00 0
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What implants did you use? I heard that Moltiva is very natural!
2016-12-16 00:00:00 0
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Not too big for you! did you choose the size you want or the doctor recommended the size?
2016-12-07 00:00:00 0
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how was the scarring like?? did you do apply anything to help with the scarring?
2016-12-03 00:00:00 0
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2016-11-20 00:00:00 0
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