No more Premature Body Shape!

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Before surgery: This are my breasts before surgery :( My underwear was loose, breasts that couldn’t see any cleavage… Now you know why people used to tease me saying my breasts are premature. Since the day I decided to have surgery until the very day, I was really excited dreaming about having beautiful and voluminous breasts. The Director Surgeon, Nurses, all of them were kind to me and I loved them. After surgery: I got rid of the “premature body” title and now I hear a lot that I have a nice body. There were clothes that meant huge challenge for me before the surgery, but now that I feel self-confident I buy lots of pretty outfits. Most of all, I like the best the voluptuous size and natural shape of my breast. A Breasts that look natural watched from any angle, standing or lying down! After seeing my new breasts, all my friends that used to tease me ask me where did I get them and get jealous of me. AILIN PLASTIC SURGERY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR GIVING ME SELF-CONFIDENCE! THANKS AILIN
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with my new breast size, my body shape really changed~!! and i love it how their shape right now ^^
3 months later, the touch got much better than the first time. As the swelling went down, I was worried that the size of my breasts would shrink too, but as the time passed it looked voluminous and natural. After the surgery, I started to get interested in clothes with low neckline and cute underwear. Now that I have bigger breasts, I prefer feminine style rather than boxy fit clothes that I used to wear.
After 1 month of the surgery, thanks to the Smart Quick Mammoplasty I didn’t have much swelling nor pain. At the hospital, I received the follow-up care and I felt my recovery was really fast. Also, I didn’t have inconvenience to do any activity because I didn’t use the blood bag. Still the touch or sensitivity felt awkward, but I could clearly see that my breasts got bigger and a cleavage. I got so happy.
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Love the effect on you!
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How many CC did you put in?
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Looks good!
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Love it!
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Your body is really enhanced now!
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