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· How to qualify as an Influencer?

You should be posting pictures at least twice a week and have over 1,000 followers/subscribers on any social media platform

(Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Live Channel, etc.). If there is evidence of any attempted abuse to increase the number of

subscribers, you may be rejected by the MISOODA Inspection Team and the contract may be terminated without prior notice.

· How to apply?

MISOODA Inspection Team will notify you of your application outcome. Once approved, we will send you a list of sponsors which

you can apply for with the e-mail you provided.

· What are my benefits?

The type of benefits varies depending on the sponsor. You can choose to participate in a cash sponsor, a product sponsor, a

service voucher sponsor, an event invitation sponsor by reading the sponsors’ offers sent to you.

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MISOODA is working with more than 400 certified

clinics and 1,000 certified specialists


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 Our Mission

MISOODA aims to find the right price information for our clients through clearly informed promotions without extra cost.

MISOODA is a government licensed Medical Tourism Corporation, developing, promoting, supporting and encouraging the art and

science of Korean Aesthetic and Cosmetic surgery. Our resources are from the networks of Korea Medical Tourism Association,

Korea Health Industry Development Institute and data base of medical providers.