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Nose augmentation (Bridge & Tip) method in Korea

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Nose augmentation (Bridge & Tip) method in Korea



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Surgery Information

  • • Procedure: The surgery site of Rhinoplasty is divided into the starting point of the bridge-nasion, nasal bridge, nose tip, alar, septal cartilage, etc. It is important to find the appropriate surgery method depending on the nose shape, degree of bulbous nose, a humped nose, etc.
  • • Incision method: Open, Closed
  • • Materials for nasal bridge: Silicone, Gore-Tex, Alloderm
  • • Materials for nose tip: Autologous tissue or cartilage (septal, ear, or rib cartilage), Fascia
  • • Duration: 1~3 hours (case by case)
  • • Anesthesia: Local (Deep Sleep) Anesthesia, General Anesthesia (in case of using rib cartilage)
  • • Hospitalization: N/A
  • • Stitch Removal: 7~14 days after
  • • Clinic Visit: 3~4 times
  • • Recovery period: Return to daily routine 3~4 days after

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Nose Surgery/ Rhinoplasty Methods


Open Rhinoplasty: Columella incision and additional incisions inside the nostrils
A surgeon can easily see the internal structure of a nose and perform a precise procedure which can bring satisfactory results. However, it takes a longer operative time than the closed method. It may leave small scar or redness if a surgeon doesn’t suture the incision carefully. This method is appropriate to those whose nose has asymmetry, severe hump, and severe deviation.

Closed Rhinoplasty: Incision only at the interior of the nostrils
It decreases operative time, lesser swelling and faster postoperative healing and avoidance of a scar along the columella. However, the closed method is limited to non-complicated surgeries (e.g. bulbous noses are not suitable for closed) as it limits seeing the complexity of the inner nose. This method is appropriate those who only needs to do general nose augmentation surgery.


Various types of nose augmentation (Nose bridge+tip)


Flat Nose

Generally, 80% of Asian people have a flat nose. This is a procedure that makes a prominent nose on the nose bridge and tip by inserting autologous cartilage or implant.


Bulbous Nose

Bulbous Tip is caused when the skin of the nasal tip is too thick or has excess soft tissue and/or the septal cartilage is too thick or big. It is important to identify the cause of a bulbous nose. Nose with plenty of fat: Resect the lower part of nose cartilage and suture as subcutaneous tissue and fat is removed. Nose with wide cartilage: Wide cartilage is narrowed and lifted to create a slim and polished nose tip.


Hump Nose

An Humped nose (Humpectomy) is a human nose with a bump on the nasal bridge and a droopy nose tip. Humpectomy gives a beautiful and smooth nose by cutting the bump on nasal bone and cartilages and raising up a low nose tip.


Short Nose

The ideal length of the nose is one-third of the length of the face and the ideal nasolabial angle is between 95° and 105°. If the nasolabial angle exceeds 110°, the nose tip is upturned. As a result, the nostrils are overly exposed from a frontal view and the nose looks short. It is the procedure that extends the nasal cartilage and the skin after resecting the skin, covering the nose from the nasal bone and nasal cartilage. Materials used for upturned nose are rib cartilage or dermal fat or septal cartilage.


Long Nose

The Nose Tip is excessively droopy and nasolabial angle is smaller than normal angle. Also, nose length exceeds one third of the length of the whole face. This procedure can be performed in case of long or droopy alar cartilages. Droopy alar cartilage is cut and fixed with septal nasal cartilages to prevent the nose from lengthening over time.


Deviated Nose

The procedure is to correct the deviated part of the nose as we identify the causes of deviation. First, if nose has been injured, it is important to check the injury through a CT scan. This procedure is to correct the deviated part and create a pretty nose.


Korean Nose Surgery/ Rhinoplasty Cost

General price guide line for Korean Nose Surgery/ Rhinoplasty is USD$900 to USD$7,500 according to Korea Health Industry Development Institute. The price is decided depending on the method and difficulty of patients’ case. The procedures below can be added on the top of general nose augmentation and the price will be in variable range.







Rhinoplasty (Silicone + cartilage)

3,200 3,800
Nostril Reduction 900 1,800
Aquiline Nose Rhinoplasty 3,600 5,500
Crooked Nose Correction 5,500 7,300

Nasal Bone Reduction (Osteotomy)

4,500 7,500


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Nose Surgery Precautions

Preoperative Precautions

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Post-operative Precautions

Post-operative Precautions


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