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What to Prepare before Plastic Surgery
Oct 11 2016 28 2643


So you have made up your mind to fix your flat nose you have always hated, or zap away the belly fats that refuse to go away no matter how much you diet or exercise. But how should you get started? Here are 10 things you should prepare before doing plastic surgery:


1) Please Be Patient For The Results

Bear in mind that you are doing a surgery and not a facial. Surgery results are NOT IMMEDIATE and some may require at least 6 months for a full recovery. If you experience extreme depression or unexpected side effects, contact the clinic immediately.


2) Refrain From Smoking

Smoking can hinder post-surgery healing, so it is not recommended to smoke preferably 2 weeks before surgery.


3) Stop Supplements And Inform Clinic On Your Medication

Medication may hinder the surgery or recovery process. Always inform the clinic if you are on long term medication such as blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes medication etc. Health supplements such as Vitamin E, omega 3, hormone pills, oriental herbs, aspirin and other supplements are not recommended to be taken 2 weeks before surgery.


4) Anti-bruising / Anti-swelling Formula

Some people believe Arnica medication may help reduce swelling, prevent muscular soreness and alleviate postoperative trauma. Placebo effect or not, it may help you calm down after the surgery.


5) Stock Food Prior To Your Surgery

Especially for facial contouring or skin lifting surgery patients, prepare soft food like packed tofu, instant soup, fruit jelly (sweet stuff for energy) and drinking straws for the first few days since you cannot swallow very well.


6) Traditional Healing Therapy

Depending on your customs, some traditional foods that aid surgery healing are pumpkin porridge, pineapple juice, vegetables and fruit juice etc.


7) Cover Up Like A Star

A hat, sunglasses or shawl might be useful to cover up if you dislike unnecessary attention on the streets.


8) Refrain From Food And Water On Surgery Day

Please remember to avoid all food and water for a certain number of hours (depending on the type of anaesthesia) as well as remove all make up, accessories and manicure before visiting the clinic.


9) Wear Front Opening Clothing On Surgery Day

Frontal button tops or zipped tops will be more convenient so you do not have to struggle pulling the clothing over your head.


10) Bring Socks

The surgery room can be a bit cold and socks can keep you warm thus calming you down before the surgery.


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