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Latest Trend of Lip Plastic Surgery In Korea

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Latest Trend of Lip Plastic Surgery In Korea



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Characteristic of lip plastic surgery


01. Beautiful

We call the most beautiful lip is that the thickness of up per and lower lip is similar with suitable full lips. Lip surgery can be performed over 20 kinds of lip plastic surgery.


02. Three-dimensional

It is combined with beautiful design and function by applying plastic surgery ratio not just reducing and enlarging lip simply.


03. Being younger

Natural and volume lips can make bright and animated apperance. It is important to remarkably reduce scar by delicate suture.


Lip plastic surgery by types

01 Lip enlargement/reduction

when lips are too thick or thin, we can supplement this by adjusting size and thickness of lips.

- When lips are too thick, we can reduce into desired thickness
- Reducing by adjusting quantity of mucous membrane inside the lips


- When lips are too thin, we can enlarge into desired thickness
- Enlargement by mucous membrane relocation to move mucous membrane inside the lips


02 Removal of curtain line/labial groove plastic surgery

In case upper lips are drooped from inside, remove drooped area with curtain line removal. In case there is no point on lips, can add labial just like hollywood actress and make attractive lips.

- Improving into neat lip line by removing drooped upper lip line
- Scars are not visible from outside


- Completing point by incise the middle of lower lips in shape
- Maximizing sexy image by effect of splitting lower lips
- It makes your lower lip pouts when you are expressionless


03 Cupid plastic surgery / lip tip plastic surgery

It gives cubic effect with cupid line to flat lips and add point by lip tip.

- Completing point by giving wave with cupid line to flat lips

- Increasing cubic effect by giving volume on lip tip part.


04 Removing lip scar / Alien Substances

We procress customized treatment according to injury scar or cleft lip scar and we investigate the accurate location of illegal alien substances (vaseline, paraffin and liquid silicon), so we can cure damaged tissue and scar and expect the best effect.

- When the lip mountain is collapsed, we improve the line by vermilion border advancement
- When inside of lips are dent, we improve it to convexly by movement of mucous membrane


- Performing lip reduction by excising the tissue where alien substaces were injected
- Performing surgery to remove alien substances and injection therapy to meld alien substances


05 Lip asymmetry

We correct your face to be harmonized with your face for innate asymmetry or asymmetry due to injury.

- Correcting asymmetry due to cleft lip
- Correcting asymmetry due to illegal treatment


- Applying trendy surgery method such as movement of mucous membrane or vermilion border advancement
- Improving lisping due to lips asymmetry


06 Gummy smile

This is a compound word of gum and smile and means the phenomena to show more gum rather than teeth when you smile. we perform surgery by considering in detail the thickness of gum, asymmetry and the level of covering teeth advance.

- Design considering thickness and location of lips
- Reducing probability of recurrence by relocation of periodteum, mucous membrane and muscle
- Effect to become an alternative of orthognathic surgery


07 Marionette plastic surgery

Your appearance can be improved a lot younger by removing marionette line also known ad 'bulldog line'.

- Improvement of cheek wrinkle including lip wrinkle
- Solving fundamental cause to pullding muscles supporting skin
- Improving bulldog wrinkle prequently seen by ladies in fifties


We create the best satisfactory with our own high-degree technique by removing fat and lifting drooped area using 3-stage system considering epidermis, muscle and fat pursuant to skin laxity and thickness of skin layer.


Recommended to

- The person who has asymmetric upper and lower lip
- The person who wants to have clear lip line
- The person whose lips are too thick or thin
- The person whose lips became too thick due to wrong injection of alien substances


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