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Facial liposuction, Thread Lifting

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So stressful due to my face shape. It's not a square jaw, but it's got a lot of fat on it that I never hear anyone saying I am slim. When I was a kid, I still praise that I am cute but as I got older, I just got no compliments from others. Thankfully someone said it was a square jaw and I really hope it was just due to square jaw. I had tried botox, facial contour injection, shurink and the effect was minimal. It was only for a while. Anyway, Ijust try whatever I can do, so I arranged for facial liposuction consultation! I read reviews here and there and that’s how I know about ReN Plastic Surgery. I arranged for surgery right after I went for the consultation! Well, I don't really like go around for consultation. However, it is not like I am not meticulous, I am the type that just cut people’s words when I hear something I do not like( A very frank person). First of all, it is always mentioned by other people’s review that the clinic’s manager and nurses are friendly so I will skip that haha. I really liked that they explain in detailed about the surgery and even the post-surgery care. Especially, during the consultation with Dr. Lee Hyuk-Jae I felt his self-confidence. That's how we went from booking to surgery very smoothly! On the day of the surgery, differs from person to person but I felt like I was going to die. Due to the bruising and swell, I can’t even go out. I couldn’t feel my face or even wash my face easily. However, everyone, just need to tolerate that for 10 days. Though it differs from person to person, you will feel like a new world after 10 days. If I am back to before surgery time, I will definitely do it again, definitely not at other places. At ReN, it is Dr. Lee Hyuk-Jae. I introduced them to all my friends! If you change your face shape, you'll live a new life. Hahaha
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