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facial liposuction at Wonjin plastic surgery clinic

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I have been getting stressed up due to fats on my face, finally getting liposuction after slogging my life away. hope this will be helpful to those who are interested with facial liposuction. I realized that I couldn't do anything because my facial fat was overflowing and then I found out about facial liposuction. I went to 2 places that are famous but both places couldn't confirm and are reserved with their words. One of them was very expensive, the other place ended the consultation within 10 minutes which makes me even more not wanting to do it!! (It's a very famous place and I'm really disappointed :( ) Then, the result after I researched about the clinic's information after reading someone's very honest review on BabiTalk regarding facial liposuction!! Review+ post-treatment+ location are all good. I like that the pricing is very reasonable for students like me thus I went for consultation straight! I am really not joking about the really~~~ long consultation, in this sequence, manager-head doctor-manager. The manager looks really young and pretty and is very friendly and polite... They explained the procedures one by one, informing the necessary information and definitely do not force you to do it. Also, the professionalism I felt, only those who went to the clinic for consultation will know the additional human touch the manager provides. I chatted with her for a long while. The consultation with the head doctor is like with the manager, no pressure, no burden... It's been hazily 3 weeks but they are really unlike those clinics that says you better do it! Believe me! Give me your money! If you already had an idea on which area to do rather than me saying a tons of words, it is better to arrange a consultation and experience it yourself. They explained very well, definitely not a waste of time. ★Incision Area A little below both side of the ear, a little below chin It is not very obvious and it slowly turns white and fades away . ★Surgery method Acculift? I heard that it is something that melts fat. As you see, I have lots of fats before surgery but there is no additional charge and they really did their best sucking out all the fats.  Awesome. ★Bruised, swollenness I've seen dozens of reviews in one hospital certainly the swell in this hospital is on the smaller side, the cheeks area is gone within 2 days and the bruise at the neck area takes around a week to subside. I do not feel much swell on the first day and still able to turn my head around (I have lots of fats in the first place ^^…). On the second day, felt so shock when the double chin were all gone… I swell for around 1 week and it was obvious from the second week onwards. And since I'm wearing bandages under my chin and neck for three days, I automatically had diet since I can't open my mouth, so it's hard to eat. ★Response I get from others I was resting at home for around a week and went for work, meeting friends, did all those stuff from second week onward haaahha I have slight swollen on second week but felt like subsided a bit. Friends who I did not meet for a long time asked where is my double chin. The trademark to make fun of me is gone ha... Also, when it is a little over the 2 weeks’ mark, I heard something for the first time in my life. My friend stare at my hardly and told me “Wow, your double chin did not fold up together”. Awww hahahahaha. It doesn't feel that way, but compared to the old photos, it definitely feels like it's missing a lot. I'm in my third week, and now I feel like the swollenness in my cheek is gone, so my double chin looks like it's stuck, and my neck looks long. My lifetime complex is gone. To be honest, I ate a lot of salty and spicy food after surgery. I also ate a lot of rice while going different places but my face is getting smaller hahaha. Doctor even said I lost more after checking the jaw line and double chin. I will be happier if those area loses more fats. ★★★★★Post-surgery treatment The post-surgery treatment here is really awesome. First of all, they send me a message or call me every day and ask me how I feel for the day. It’s already the third week and they are still doing it…I received 2 ice pack after the surgery ended. I will need to do cold and hot compression continuously and send my progress photo every week. Starting from the second week, I received high frequency deswelling treatment, they seemed to do it until my swell subside without any additional money. They also provide massage for around 30 minutes? The view was really good, almost able to see the whole of Gangnam. It was so~ good. I will be having my high frequency deswelling the day after tomorrow again. As the doctor was really really really very nice during the consultation, I also consulted him about simple procedures such as filler and he only recommends the filler that I need. Regardless how simple the procedure will be on my face, he recommends it thoughtfully with much consideration recommending procedure that I need, that I do not need. It hasn't been long since it was established, and it's so small that no one seems to know about it but I really strongly recommend them. It is a hospital that only I want to know, but I hope they will be successful.
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