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Double eyelids revision : 2 weeks at Wonjin!

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It's been only 2 weeks for my eye revision surgery, but doesn't it looks good ?? I did revision eye-surgery and had natural adhesiveness by doing non-incision method and also epicanthoplasty, ptosis correct using in outline method. I also did lower canthoplasty and lateral canthoplasty and while removing stitches, it really hurts like hell haha. Why does it hurt so much . I did my first and second surgery at places that are famous for doing eye procedure. I thought being famous means they will be good at their job but every time I asked why is the eyes or double eyelids are uneven, they would say it is due to swollenness. I don’t know why they kept saying I need to wait for more than 1 year and the manager kept changing. To make it worst, the surgeon that did my eye procedure resigned so the clinic said they could not provide any more help to me. That caused me so much misery at such a young age... haha When I first came to Wonjin Plastic surgery, the head doctor listened to my dilemma seriously for a long time. I felt that he is not doing it just for the business but really trying to find a solution for me. I had consultation with him for around 15 minutes and during surgery day, he designed my eye very meticulously and discussed with me before entering surgery room. He is really delicate. Even if I explained it badly on what I want, the doctor knows exactly what I’m talking about. I am grateful to ReN Plastic Surgery’s Lee Hyuk-Jae father for giving me a new life hahahaha. The picture without makeup is about a week old, so there’s slight swollenness. Although there is swelling caused by incision method, I know that something was wrong with the swollenness I get when I did non-incision method at the supposedly famous clinic which I can’t do anything about it. I will have more checkup visits in the future but now I am really satisfied. I just can’t wait to put on make-up now hahaha. Anyway!! Now that my surgery is a success, I want to write a review. Haha. I thought I couldn’t become prettier with my eyes but now it is so well done I wrote the review!! Over here, Lee Hyuk-Jae head doctor is meticulous, the manager and staff are polite making the memory here good and comfortable. Even on manager’s off day, she replied my message, really very nice to me. ㅠㅠ I strongly recommend this place.
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