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(Two-jaw) + Ar + T (red) + Transparent correction + F.g (Forehead) + (Positive) Ni (ptosis) + Epi

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I had a lot of "crackling" noises in my jaw,and assymetry The pain was so severe. my eyes were the type of eyes that my eyelashes always poked at as it drooped downwards, which is why i decided on getting the procedure done while getting the surgery The surgery results is better than expected and successful! It has not been one year now, it will be one year next january! If you say getting surgery is not hard to do it, it's a lie. to be honest the most hardest part about the journey is not being able to eat for two weeks After this period, it really gets better! As well as appearance, My jaw joints and pain have disappeared so life is alot easier I have seen many times that you are complaining of pain and suffering. I did not feel uncomfortable because It was transparent ~ I hope my pictures help those who are interested in two jaw and facial contouring surgery
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I posted it once already, but as I do have a very square jaw There are a lot of people who plan on getting two jaw surgery, i recieved alot of messages I answered all of them one by one .. I do not know if it was helpful ~>,< many people asked a lot about the correction, but i had transparent correction after the surgery~ It is much better because there is not much pain or inconvenience than the general correction.
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