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Hi everyone!! I am so excited beacause of my dream finally coming true! i finally had my brest jop done successfully! It definitely made me became more confident after I had surgery. I am a car model so that i have to play sexy and do photography almost every day to make a living. Honestly my breasts were't small but i strongly felt i am not attractive at all by watching me myself in photos. Especially when it come to boobs size's comparison, needless to say there are a lot of hot gilrs are better than me more. It made me feel like i was overshadowed by others.
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It has been already 3 months after my breast job. Compared with last two months, I can see my breasts becoming more natural and shaped. Now wherever i go for work or meet up with friends, I am confidently to face the public. Some of my friends doubt i not only had my breasts jop done but also had medical body shaping at the meanwhile. I am so glad that they highly praise me. When it comes to breast size, I surely to say i am the No.1 in the middle of friends.
Time passed so auickly! i didn't even realize it has been already a month after the surgery! The picture that you can see is was taken at second time of medical massage. My friend was there with me and she is considering if she has to take any surgical operation in this hospital. Because of the hospital is full of high-end devices and gather many professionals working here. It is definitely honest, trustworthy and reliable. More than that, she is witness who has been there for me during all the time, she thinks VIEW did a good job on me due to the result is optimal absolutely.
I finally had experienced my first medical massage right after i took stitches out. Honestly i was a little bit nervous because i never had any experiences like this before. I wasn't sure if it causes any pain. Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as i think it'll be due to i was under morpheus anesthesia. "I am happy as long as every time i am reminded that my breast's curve and sense of touch will become more natural by talking medical massage regulary in 6 month."
I came to the hospital so early at the day as i didn't want to be late. I was so nervous and excited to wait for the moment after i had my cloth changed. It seems nurses wanted to help me released out all my nervous so they were all so nice to help me refuel.