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Tear-drop shaped implants improve my confidence efficiently

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Breast enlargement, I had done once before honestly. But unfortunately i was suffering from capsular contracture which results a deformation of breast implants. As you can see in the first photo, the deformation is hardened and tortures me day and night, it makes me became very sensitive and i am even afraid to go to public bathhouses. What is more, i am making a living by modeling. In this industry, it is very common way to sell products with wearing pretty and very little clothing. i fee very stressful.
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I've been taking a postoperative breast care treatment for 6 months in VIEW since the surgery. At the meanwhile, I do self-massage at home every day. It is now touch like my natural born breasts, soft and smooth!
It is just amazing. With comparing my old breasts, it is just perfect now. I still cannot believe this is my breast. I should have done the reoperation earlier..
The both sizes of my breasts were different obviously so that I couldn't wear tight clothes at all. I was afraid to show my defect body.. but now it is a total different situation! I only wear tight clothes because I really want to show people how good I am now~ Besides, my new breasts are very soft I just couldn't stop to touch them.
It was impossible to close up my breasts even I wore push-up bra. But now as what you can see, they are just pretty and completely fill in rooms!
I've heard many say Dr.Choi is a super specialist in breast reoperation. I've been mulling for a long time and decided to take a reoperation which operated by him. Actrually I was terrified because a reoperation wasn't what I expected. After 2 weeks, my breast's size finally being settled down and it is exactly the size I was expecting for.