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I had been working as a model almost 4 years. As a model, I've been longing for a pair of nice boobs so much from the beginning. Honestly, i felt so comfortable with my original size, but obviously it is not a perfect size for a model. Basically, i have to wear revealing clothes when i am working.. Since wearing revealing clothes or special tailored costume is an inevasible thing, for the best visual result so that i had to put many pads into my bras to enhance the visual effect manually always. i know! it is terrible, right? i couldn't stand it anymore so i decided to get the breast surgery! and then i started to do some research, corrected information from those who have done breasts jobs successfully. Most of them are very positive to introduce me this hospital, VIEW Medical Group. So i decided to pay a visit.
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I've heard from many people that not every breast surgery deserves a good outcome. I think I am the lucky girl! It is recovering so naturally. Those who have no clue about my surgery just thought I was born natural! Now I don't have to wear pads anymore. I will just keep them in my closet! Hopefully I won't have to see them again~
Time always files so fast. It has been 1 month after surgery already! I still remember so vividly that my mood was so nervous before surgery. I nearly cancelled the surgery though. After a lot of thoughts, I eventually had the surgery done and it was very successful. Even more amazing, I don't feel any pain and my body sensation recovering so quickly! Sometimes I even doubt myself! Everything is very natural and it jus like nothing happened at all.
I was super nervous so that I didn't sleep even for a while at the night before surgery Everybody including doctor and the nurse team, they all comfort me by hands and tell me don't be nervous. Insensibly, I felt asleep after anesthesia. Well, It is no use to regret anymore.. I wish all will end well.