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NANO Bimaxillary Diorthosis + Natural Mini V-line Reshaping+ Cheekbones Reduction + Eye reshaping

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Before this surgery, I have sometimes been mistaken for impatience and unkindess. My lower jaw was particularly prominent than upper one, so it was so hard to me to make smiles. But even so, I was always trying to be nice with making smile. I couldn't eat well because of malocclusion. I just dislike to be taken at photos or being active in events. I am naturally born as a typical single-edged Korean guy, long and narrow eye shape makes me look very angry all the time. Hmm actually I am not expecting for a pair of nice double eyelids but at least some kind of solution can helps me to rebuild my image in a certain way.. After a series of examinations, I was diagnosed as blepharoptosis.. Luckily, the doctor said it can be fixed~~
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After 2 months, I think everything is just back to normal because I feel all my facial expressions are very smoothly and soft now! Since blepharoptosis being corrected, everybody says my eyes brimming with radiating vigor haha Actually, I was worring about so much before taking the surgery. Because I thought plastic surgery is girl's stuff. I will never be linked with it. But as what you can see now, the surgery was done very successfully and I became much manlier!!
Just one month passed so fast! Now I can make facial expressions very smoothly and freely! Everybody says I look very nice now and totally different from past! I receive many praises from people recently. Also, people say my reshaped eyes just very fixed to my new facial line naturally!
It has been 3 weeks already since the surgery. Finally I can close my mouth smoothly after almost a month! And now I can see my face is shaping up~~ Honestly, my nose looked very short before the surgery, but it now looks higher than before after all. With the surgery had done successfully, my eyes are recovering well at the meanwhile. In the past, because of blepharoptosis I used to knit my brows every time when I open up my eyes. According to nurse's suggestion, I am working so hard on correcting my bad habit of opening eyes now!
Just one week after the surgery, I was allowed to take out all of stitches both eyelids and parotids. I am feeling so different obviously! I finally can blink my eyes! Finally! The symptoms of swelling are getting diminish little by little, even though I still cannot conscious of things at the moment, but yes, obviously my chin became shorter than ever! As what you can see, my lower jaw was swelling very serious than the upper part. Following the suggestion from nurse. during recovery, I was trying to get enough sleep and keeping applying hot and iced compresses rotationally as much as I can do when I was home.