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I am unmarried mom with three kids and one salary. Two are my younger sisters and one is my daughter. digging out was and still hard. i was tagged by unmarried mom but i want to live dignified life shamelessly and be the best mom for my kid. that is why i wanted to be a professional worker and got my nursing certificate. that fact is no companies wanted to accept an employees like me. lookism makes me crazy. i was still a little bit skeptical even though i already applied up as a candidate for the LET Beauty 4. i've saw several successful stories about how those women go through all of this in last seasons. All this was so impressive and gives me hope. that is why i applied for this season without any hesitation. i was dazed when they called my name out.
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My new face just getting more natural by time goes on. Also, my face line becoming clearer while swelling gradually subsides. Most important is I can chew more easily and enunciate clearly. My lantern jaw just disappeared without a trace and I am taking my orthodontic treatment regularly these days. Besides, I am working so hard. I feel so happyeeveryday because of my daughter says I look so nice now. Again, I am very appreciated all the staff in VIEW especially Dr. Choi, they gave me the second life and a reason for living.
I can feel my face had changed a lot when I touch it with my fingers. I couldn't eat anyting but just smooth food right after operation. But now apparently I am allowed to eat normally as time goes on. Therefore, I am trying to renew my strength by keeping a balanced diet. I don't feel the same about my eyes as i did apparently! I used to open my eyes so hard, I even had deep worry lines etched into my forehead every time when Itried to open my eyes strongly. Now as what you can see, my eyes became vivider, bigger and more rounder. Also people say I look much more favorable and nicer now.
I was a bit frustrated because of I couldn't check my face by look in mirrors during the period when I stayed in LET Beauty boarding house. I am so appreciated when people highly praise me now. I often imagined my face as the way people described for me, so excited and nervous. Now I have double eyelids, tall and straight nose, needless to say my face also became much more attractive. Abobe all, my pronunciation being corrected successfully and I can chew easily when I am eating now. Because I just got all job done, still I cannot eat normally, But clearly feel my jaw moves more smoothly than before. I just cannot wait to see my face now. I just so worrying about my kids right this moment. I miss them so much.
After shooting. I was invited to VIEW Medical Group to had my first pre-consultation with Dr. Choi. I was too nervous to lost my sleep at the night before I went to VIEW. My breasts were getting smaller after a long lacticational period and I was so ashamed. I havne't take any breast examination or body check officially after my childbirth. I am so glad that I can take my body check here. The equipment of this hospital is complete and they are providing full services to assure everything being check before peration. Especially I finally found out the reason why I had so many inconveniences after taking CT and X-ray diagnosis. It was all caused by my lantern jaw. I was diagnosed as 3rd degree serious malocclusion which causes chewing afunction in life. Therefore, for those reasons and more Dr. Choi and his team made final decision and decided to operate several surgeries on me, respectively NANO Bimaxillary Diorthosis, V-line resharping, Cheekbone resharping, T.O.P rhinoplasty, Combinative non-incision for eye widening and FACE OFF. I still cannot believe I had taken all these surgeries. Then, I went into the operative room after all body checking with a light heart.
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