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It was my dream to have a nice face since childhood...

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Recently, I had changed my hair style which I couldn't try with my old face before. I think the surgical result is good! I recently accepted facial fat transplatation! It makes me look cute with a little bit baby fat. And I feel my skin became softer after all~
I think everything back in normal now! I can open my mouth freely as usual. No impact on my life so far. My face looks much smaller now after all swelling down! Honestly, I feel like I am totally reborn after surgery.
It is another week. I can see swelling on my face is mostly gone, especially on nose and forehead. Actually my chin was swelling very obviously but I didn't worry too much. Now I can eat porridge, or chew something soft~ But I still feel a little bit tight even I had stitches inside my mouth took off.
Eventually, I decided to take the surgery since I was sort of losing my confidence because my face day by day. After I had all job done, I feel my confidence is coming back to me little by little hahaa. My face was totally get swelling and I felt very powerless right after surgery and this feeling was lasting for almost 2~3 days. I felt thirsty all the time and couldn't eat as usual, the only thing I can do is sleep over and over. With one week passing by, I went to hospital to take off all stitches, and doctor said I am all ready to back to normal now. Well, still I can see my face is swelling so far but it dosen't hurt even thought I touch it with my figures.