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After 3 months of recovery, I am just in time to catch in the job-hunting season! I confidently applied several companies with my nice profile this time, including those I had failed before. I will not being beaten again!
I accepted forehead reshaping and rhinoplasty right after I rehab from mouth correction. After 2 months of a long waiting, my whole image finally getting change in a positive way. Before I took the surgery, I thought this kind of stuff is only created for girls. So I was so worrying about the surgical result. I was afraid if I became too girlish after all. Hehe now as you can see, all of my concerns are really just redundant. I am very satisfied of the outcome!
It is now 2 weeks just passed. Still my face is swelling obviously but I am so happy my prominent mouth is being corrected back to the right place! Also, I was so worrying if my face stays in swollen shape... But after taking postoperative care regularly, it recovers so fast. With my prominent mouth gone, I think that makes my short nose and flat forehead look more horrible. So I determined to take second surgery to correct them all! I am not pursuing perfection but harmony of my facial features.
I had the surgery done already one week. Well my swelling face wasn't the part I had expected before surgery obviously haha I had to apply iced and hot compresses rotationally every day and many other things that I had to pay attention for, time just files so fast in busyness. For better recovery, I just stay at home and go nowhere for the whole week.
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