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I had eager for a nice face since I was a little girl.

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I have a complex about my look always. As you can see, my face is very long since it over-developed during my school years.. I've been suffering from malocclusion causes functional indigestion all these years. Every girl cares what others think about herself. I felt extremely bad Every time when I hear people laugh at me with jaw-related nick name. That hits me the hardest back in that time. I lose confidence of my appearance completely so that I always let my hair down to cover side face. I was determined to have my face corrected by surgery one day from that time.
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7 months just passed in the blink of an eye! I was focusing on a rehab schedule in order to get better fast, diminishing the symptoms of swelling with cold compresses, practicing mouth movement, and exercising every day! I am being conscious of things better and better with time go by. Still I cannot eat foods like almond, actually I wasn't allow to eat hard food while I was wearing braces anyways. It is bearable actually, not a big deal. Everything is back to normal like nothing happened ever and I don't even remember what I have done on my face hahah
It had been 4 months already! I finally conscious of things and the symptoms of swelling are getting down apparently day by day! And I also had a haircut! All over these years, in order to cover my long jaw I couldn't try a hair style like this short. It is time to say goodbye. It is very nice that I finally can eat things freely~ Because I am recovering very well, so I can just eat anything I want!! Also, I am keeping practice mouth movement freauently so even though I still cannot open my mouth widely but apparently it works much better than few months ago.
These pictures were taken one month passed since the surgery. Certainly, I am allowed to wash my hair anyitme~~ No more stingy smell~ I am keeping practicing mouth movement every day. I haven't seen any of my friends for a long time actually. After the surgery and few weeks for recovery, I plucked up courage to ask some of my friends out for a tea time. I was so happy that they all say I am now so pretty!
I finally can breasth with my nose after 2 weeks! Everything is very fresh to me! Well, apparently I did not realize breating with nose was the most happiest in the world. I was focus on how to reduce the symptoms of swelling efficiently during these two weeks. I keep going out for walking both in mornings and nights. And finally, bruises around my eyes are diminishing so fast these days. It had bleached the color oul. After two weeks, I visited the hospital for taking scaling, skin laser care and detumescence care in one time.
I did not actually feel anything after I decided to do the surgery even on the day of it! I felt my whole body trembled during surgery. And it has been done very quickly like I just closed my eyes for a nap. I was extremely worrying if the surgery could cause any killing pain to me but fortunately. it didn't. After surgery, in order to have my jaw fixed firmly, I had to wear the fixed bandage for about a week. I couldn't see clearly how my jaw being changed because of bandage so far. I wanted to record the whole transformation so I took many selfies. I was allowed to be discharged in the third day. Honestly, I miss my time in hospital in the first two days after I back in home haha. Because I think the sleeping pad in hospital was much comfortable than the one in my home..= = Actually the symptoms of swelling were becoming more serious when I back in home. I found it was quite a way to relief my pain with applying cold and hot compresses alternatley At the meanwhile, I was keeping practice to move my mouth all the time in order to relax the muscle of my month.
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