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facial contouring, double eyelid revision and forehead fat graft

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Hi everyone! I had my facial contouring, double eyelid revision and forehead fat graft at View Plastic Surgery and I would like to share my experience with ya’ll. I always felt that my face was too big and my eyes were too small so turned to plastic surgery to help me achieve my aesthetic goals. The reason why I chose View is because I don’t mess around when it comes to my face. I wanted a clinic that is reputable in craniofacial surgery and I knew surgeons at View are expertise in this area. So let’s backtrack to my consult, I arrived in Korea on November 16th and immediately went to my consult at View. When I arrived at the clinic I was graciously greeted by all the gorgeous consultants and the coordinator from Misooda. I was then escorted to the consultation floor to await Dr. Yun Chang Woon and Dr. Lee Ho Bin who will be performing my facial contouring and eyelid revision, respectively. While waiting, the consultants and nurses at View had me fill out paperwork and performed my pre-surgery workup, which included bloodwork, CT scans/xrays, and before & after photos. When I finally get to talk to Dr. Yun, I showed him a reference photo of what I want. Unlike what I feel is the ideal Korean aesthetic for jawline, I wanted my jawline to be more angular; however, since I don’t have a gonial angle in my jaw it was not possible to achieve exactly what I wanted and Dr. Yun was very upfront and honest about this fact (which I really appreciated). He dissected my face and explained to me what can be fixed and I agree with him. He also pointed out that my face is slightly tilted to the left which is why one side of my face is larger than the other. After consulting with Dr. Yun, I felt I was in very good hands for my facial contouring surgery the next day. Next, I was led to another consultation room to talk to Dr. Lee. I once again showed him the reference picture of what I want and after staring long and hard at my eyes he told me what his plans were. I essentially wanted eyes that are bigger and brighter eyes and so we agreed that I would get non-incisional eyelid surgery as well as ptosis correction. Dr. Lee would also be performing my forehead fat graft. He examined my forehead closely and explained to me where my muscle is most active in my forehead and the ideal placement of the fat which made me feel very reassured because he is very knowledgeable. Overall, I felt very comfortable after my consults that I made the right choice to go with View. Please follow along on my journey to achieve a better version of myself.
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I am currently a lil over 2 weeks post op and I can definitely see the changes in my face already. Keep in mind I still have quite a bit of swelling in my chin area. My chin is shorter which balances my face a lot better and I can see my jawline becoming a lot sharper. I am very happy with my progress thus far and can’t wait to see the changes in the months to come!