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One year after the operation~ I was a little worried when I consulted before surgery. I don't know if I really need that surgery. Do I really have a short chin? I have this idea. Of course... after watching the photo... you can see the difference. The best effect after surgery is when you lose your face The biggest change is that I can tie my hair at any time. I rarely tie my hair before when I have square jaw and a prominent cheekbones. Today, I tend to tie my hair. I have been working for a while, but after the operation I found a new job. Many people praise my eyes. I don't have much eye makeup, but my eyes are bright, it looks energetic. The effect on both of my surgery is very clear. When you look at my nose from the side, you can tell the difference. They said that your nose will go low after surgery, but I don't think so. When I saw other people undergoing nose surgery, they asked if my nose was different. I told my nose that it was the same and didn't change. My friends had a nose surgery and I could see a change in the nose. I have some friends whose noses tend to be on one side and some on one side are inclined, while others have a slight downward inclination. It may vary from person to person and may be completed in which hospital you are doing, but I have not seen any adverse side effects. I think if I lose weight, it will be much better, but dieting is too difficult. Haha. My weight has not changed a year or a year later. If you want to see more effective results, they say that weight loss is better. The hardest thing is not only surgery, but also dieting!
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