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Before surgery: “Elephant legs, thunder thighs”. You were probably called with such nicknames if you were as bottom heavy as me. I was so stressed out by my thighs that I have decided to go ahead with thigh liposuction. This surgery was a secret between my mum and me, therefore my father didn’t know about it. The day of surgery: I thought I would come out from the surgery room with supermodel type of legs; but never did I expect that the swelling and bandages would make my legs look even bigger than what they were before!
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When I was called thunder thighs or elephant legs, I never imagined that I could fit into short skirts or skinny jeans one day, but now I can!!! Now I can wear fashionable clothes and carry myself with confidence!
No words can describe how happy I was after the Liposuction. Not only did my legs look longer, my butt looks as if I had a butt lift done as well! After I got liposuction done, wearing the compression garment as per instructed by my doctor was a bit uncomfortable. I saw my legs got slimmer each day as I carefully followed instructions and my confidence was boosted after that.
Doctor Kim Su Cheol explained to me that the swelling and bruises on my legs would disappear really quickly and assured me not to worry too much. Low and behold, they really did disappear rather quickly! I can start to see how awesome my slim legs will turn out and I feel so happy about it!