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Great service doing Ulthera , Botox and Lip fillers using Misooda

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I had Ultherapy, Botox, and Lip Filler at The Plan Plastic Surgery and Dermatology Clinic. Nearly 3 weeks post op. After some facial surgeries from a year ago I noticed some sagging of my facial appearance. It was minor but I wanted to correct it early. I wanted 300 Ulthera shots and also wanted a fuller lip and to lift the corners with filler. I wanted botox in my chin as well. This was a late decision but Misooda contacted the clinic for me and helped me get a really good price and arranged the appointment. The clinic also gave me additional treatments for no extra cost. During the consultation the consultant also gave me 200 shurink shots for under my chin/jawline (costing nothing to me), it would help burn some of the extra fat there and would make the Ulthera results look even better. In my experience Ultherapy is not easy to find in Korea and this clinic has the authentic Ulthera machine and the consultant gives you the stickers afterwards. Everything was quick and efficient and the doctor also injected some botox (microtox) into my forehead and cheeks as well (so nice, gave me a lot of extras). I was provided transportation service after by Misooda right after treatment too and had a very good experience. I am now almost 3 weeks post op, my lips look much better and full. My jawline also has improved. Full results from Ulthera take about 3 months but I already look better than before treatment.
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