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I was introduced Misooda to Seouleaguer Dermatology to improve my smile lines. Obvious smile lines can make one look more aged. I met a Chinese Korean consultant who spoke excellent mandarin and I felt extremely comfortable with her. The clinic gave a cozy and warm feeling. I was asked to fill up my medical history, personal particulars and then given some precautionary notes for my intended procedures. I was then asked to take some pictures before my filler procedures. Can you see the background? There were plenty of k-pop celebrities taken at the clinic, I heard celebrity Yang Dong Geun and his wife often frequent this dermatologist too! After waiting for about 10 minutes over a cup of coffee, it was my turn to consult with the doctor. He was professional and recommended 2 cc of fillers to fill in my smile lines and I also briefly asked about some skin treatments. After paying over the cashier, I was led to a room to apply anesthesia cream. I started to feel nervous and was worried about the pain. The doctor came over and started injecting with quick hands and it was over in about three minutes or so. The doctor gave me a mirror to look at myself after the procedures and I felt extremely pleased. He said in an accented Chinese “Piao Liang” which means pretty and I thought that was quite cute. The consultant mentioned that’s all the Chinese the doctor knows, ha ha. I will update my post procedure pictures soon as it still looks swollen today!
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i love this skin treatment, that make my smile wrinkle totally gone. my smile line become smooth and i love with the result. :)