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I went to Seoul Leaguer Clinic today. I saw many Chinese reviews on a famous blogging website and decided to try some fillers on my chin. I went with a few close friends since it was always nice to have company. The clinic is located at exit 4 of Apgujong Subway Station about 100m from the exit. The building exterior looks pretty but their internal structure is cosier than it looks. On the first floor sells many Korean cosmetics and consultation rooms are on the second floor. A chinese speaking consultant appeared once I was done with registering. She asked basic questions like if I ever did surgery or skin treatments before. Thereafter, a charming doctor appeared in front of me and diagnosed my issues. I was asked to take some pictures before the procedures. My heart was pounding quickly as I began to feel very nervous. I was told that fillers can last up to one year and braved through the process despite the slight pain even though I had local anesthesia. Small flesh coloured tapes were used to plaster over the needle points after the procedure. Then again, it’s the famous plastic surgery street in Apgujong! You see more people who are bandaged on their heads walking around town too!
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I was then advised on the post treatment precautions and was asked to call the clinic should I have any questions or concerns. My whole experience was pleasant as the staffs were friendly and kind even though I wasn’t a big spending customer. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.