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Finally I have love bands! Love bands are the cute little eye pouches below the eyes but they aren’t eyebags! With love band fillers, I don’t have to create one with makeup anymore! I noticed that Korean celebs always had cutesy eye expressions, and the secret lies in having the love bands or aegyosal in Korean. I visited Korea on a tour trip and was introduced to Seoul Leaguer Clinic. Their service was extremely pleasant and the doctor who did love bands for me had a really friendly attitude and I must say he was very charming. There was absolutely zero pain for me and I loved the effect! Every 2 months I would finish my coloured make up since I had to create love bands every morning. But now I do not have to do that anymore! I live in Hong Kong, so I had to communicate with the Chinese consultant before booking my tickets in September last year. Here are my before after pictures, I am sure you can see why I wanted the love bands so badly. This is me without the love bands, somehow the distance from the eyes to the mouth looks wider. The glittery part is created with makeup. The lovebands make the distance from the eyes to the mouth appear shorter. A simple loveband can totally change one’s looks!
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It was my first time taking fillers and it didn’t feel as scary as I thought. There was no swelling after a week and it felt pretty natural. The doctor at Seoul Leaguer is a perfectionist adjusting little by little to give the most perfect shape and the results were much better than I expected. I would recommend him to all my friends.