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Liposcution surgery


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Three months post review- Went back to 365mc for checkup and post treatments. The carboxy treatment and massages do work as i've seen less lumps in a week. Limbs continue to get slimmer although i am trying to control my diet. 365MC staff are very nice and friendly to me. Scars from the liposucton surgeries are also fading.
One month post review- Have been wearing the compression garments but limbs and all are still puffy. Weekly exercising help. The appetite restriction pills provided by 365MC help and people are starting to comment that I've lost weight.
It's been a week since my liposuction surgeries!! I have had aches and bloat the first three days but subsequently I was able to walk all around myeongdong and garosugil! Do remember to take the medicine on time as it really helps. For me I also sleep at 45degrees and elevate my feet up to reduce the swelling. I have been back at 365MC for cleaning and the staffs are as friendly and concerned as ever. I think I've slimmed down overall after one week but my whole legs are still very very very swollen especially the calves! Hoping to look for more progress!
For second day surgery, I had about 3400cc removed frm my upper body. Despite doing full body liposuction, I was still in good energy and was instructed to go back soon after two days for wounds cleaning! Their compression garment is functional and super toilet friendly! It's been a little sore kinda ache so far but it is within expectations! Kinda looking forward to my slimming journey.