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It was my first plastic surgery so I visited several clinics. and I choose Ruby Plastic because Dr.Ko explained very well about the surgery and understood what kind of result I want! For the first week of surgery I was severely swollen and had bruises around my cheek as I did nose and eyes surgery together. but my condition wasn’t that bad than I thought. After month from the surgery It look so natural and I’m surprised that my image has been changed. Before the surgery my eyes were small and look very stuffy but epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery made my eyes look more clear and wide. also I was able to open my eyes more easily. For the nose I had low nose bridge and wide alar and I got the wanted result from the surgery. so I am very satisfied! and fyi Ruby’s counsellor and other staffs are very friendly and nice!
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After 3 months It’s been 3 months from the surgery. I had strong look due to swollen face but after 2 month swollen has been subside and now it look much more natural and I really love it. For the eye surgery I was indecisive between incision method and natural adhesion and choosing a natural adhesion was a very good choice! There is no scar for epicanthoplasty and it really recovered well and I am very satisfied with my eyes shape. I was worried before the nose surgery because it might look awkward but now my nose look more defined and in sharp after two months and I really really love it! Dr.Ko made a shape that I wanted and I’m very satisfied with the result. my daily life is very comfortable that I barely feel that I have gone through the plastic surgery. My eyes before the surgery was heavy and stuffy but it’s more easy and comfortable to open my eyes after having natural adhesion. Dr.Ko really did a great job with my eye shape. It’s not easy to see the surgery spot when I close my eyes. My nose look much more natural as the swollen has been subside but still I can feel the stiffness on my nose tip so I’m always aware of that. Now I can remove the foreign material in my nose and people around me start to keep telling me that my nose shape looks very pretty. I’m very happy with my decision and my face look more prettier and I feel much more confident!