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Going into the 5th month now! Finally I can tell there is a quite a difference in my thighs when looking from the front. No matter how much I diet, its still hard to lose weight at the back of thighs. I think if I hadn’t decided to do liposuction, I might have to go on a extreme diet in order to lose those weight. I really can see the change when I compare pictures of my thighs before surgery. Its true when they say losing weight is easier with surgery. I will continue to work hard towards the legs I have in mind.
So 4 months have gone by now without me knowing. At this point I could feel the pain, stiffness, almost all gone now when I feel my thighs. There is no difficulty sitting for long and getting up. I also have been doing stretching and cardio side by side. In my case, I think I have to control my diet more since my body build is rather muscular. I shall work harder in hopes of achieving my slender legs that look like the number 11.
I was told it usually takes about a year for the swelling to go completely, but I can tell now by third month, it has definitely de-swelled a lot. Stiffness in muscles are mostly gone too. However, I still have to apply cream and ointment due to scars. I was also told I won’t see a big change after surgery because I have more muscles than fats. I guess it doesn’t mean you would definitely become a lot skinnier even after liposuction. One really has to work hard for it to see results! I managed to reach 47kg through dieting. As I was mindlessly stuffing myself with food before, it makes it hard to lose those flab at the back and inner of my thighs. But I am sure my thighs now are still better than before when they were still looking harsh. I believe I wouldn’t mind the trouble of keep having to wear the compression garment for a more significant result. Guess I’ll still have to work doubly hard to get my old figure back.
It’s been a month now! I have been told by many my swelling has gone down a lot, so I am really looking forward to the final outcome! The exterior swelling is definitely almost all gone now, still going to take a while for swelling on inner thighs and knee area to go. Stiffness is almost only on the back of legs and groin. I guess its why my doctor told me to massage those areas a lot. I can sit and get up without feeling sharp pains, its only the inner area that still feels stiff as of now. By the third week I’d already tightened the compression garment by about 2 inch and will continue to do so accordingly as the weeks go by. Doctor said it would be okay to wear the compression garment for 12 hours after the 3rd week but just in case, I still wear them most of the times except when I am heading out. He also reminded me that there won’t be a drastic change to my thighs, and there is still a need for me to go on a diet. I thought I would lose all the extra weight within these months but it doesn’t seem like the case. I am now more determined than ever to shed those weight.
It’s the second week now! By now all the obvious bruises are more or less all gone now. The pain has gone down a lot as well! There is still a sharp pain when I tried to sit up and get up, and the clumps still won’t go away. I wish the stiffness would all go away soon, the swelling has become better but still takes a while where the inner thighs are, which is quite frustrating to say the least. I am still doing massages and walks religiously, and recovery would probably be better now that I’ve started going for foot bath sessions as well. I really want to get legs that look nice in skinny jeans ASAP!!!
Finally its been a week since I did liposuction! Personally for me it was the most painful and swelling the most serious on the 5th and 6th day, especially when sitting down and getting up. It felt like my thighs were being ripped apart. Blue black bruises also started showing by the 6th day but they have gone away a bit today. I was told by my doctor that massaging regularly would help the muscles become less stiff, and I try to take about 30minute to 1hr walk everyday. Went to the hospital for a follow-up treatment on the 6th day, and doctor said my clumps were quite serious, I thought I was already doing more than enough but when he told me I should do more massages and take more walks, I felt quite disheartened. I was worried that the wound behind the back of my thighs was going to tear open but my doctor told me not to worry about it. We use that part of the leg a lot so that tends to heal up well. I was able to go home with a peaceful mind, after all that reassurances I had got at the hospital. This time round I’d even massaged and walked a lot more and maybe because of that, I realised my bruises were almost all gone now. I really hope to see the line of my thighs soon.
I have always seriously contemplated liposuction. Even though I weighed about 50kg I had a lot of flesh on my thighs but I mostly just went for consultation at the point of time and didn’t do the surgery in the end. I also gained 15kg within 3 months due to stress, and I started to reconsider liposuction as my thighs were getting bigger than ever. Rovl avenue was the first that came to mind – I remember the doctor giving me a detailed consultation and was the most friendly out of all the ones I had gone to before. Hence that was how I decided on Rovl avenue. Today is the 3rd day after surgery, I was expecting the pain to be as serious as the day I had surgery but it turned out not too bad. I was able to walk, take the bus and go home by myself. As I have a lot of muscle mass, they could only extract 1500cc of fats, I thought that was quite little but I guess it was the best they could go for. However, the pain aggravated the very next day. I could fall asleep one moment and woke up the next moment with sharp pains in my thighs. There are people who were able to resume their normal routine right after surgery, and there are also that couldn’t do anything but to lie in bed the whole day. I thought some moving about would help with recovery, so I tried to walk about 30 minutes everyday. I also did massages and make sure I flattened the compression garment before wearing them. I was basically just doing what I was told by the doctor; all the dos and don’ts. My swelling was the worst by the 10th day, I couldn’t wait for time to pass faster.