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Lower body thigh liposuction

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Someone once told me that my fat lower body was cursed. From that point on my lower body became very worrisome, I wanted to do something, and I thought, "I'm still young. Don't ignore myself." I decided to have surgery. There are parts that you cannot help yourself due to genetic characteristics. Note: My mother also had a thick lower body, and I was similar. It was difficult to improve even after exercising. We have heard earlier that liposuction is not effective for people who exercise hard or have a strong appetite. I heard that and decided to do more surgery. Every time I watched a music show, I was jealous of the thin feet like a K-pop idol, and I hoped that one day, I would like to suck on my lip and make my feet thin. I also tried dieting many times in high school to make my thighs thinner, but it didn't work. From that experience, I wanted to get certain results with liposuction. rovl avenue Cosmetic Surgery gave me a very careful consultation and explained in detail about aftercare, so I realized that it was a very reliable clinic and I would like to have a thigh liposuction operation at this hospital. I decided. I had no worries before the surgery because I knew there would be no worse results than before the surgery. After the operation, my daily life was a bit impeded, but the recovery process was not as difficult as I expected. It was a bit difficult to go to the bathroom and put on and take off compression clothes, but as time passed, my thighs began to swell, so I gradually became distracted. After liposuction, the size of the thigh has changed significantly. Everything is the size you want and you can buy clothes you never thought you could. You no longer have to feel stressed when buying clothes! Just as I heard from a friend before and thought that taking thigh liposuction must be the right choice for me, I'm really slimming down now and I really think my choice was right. . The doctor has encouraged me through the surgery, and I would like to continue exercising and eating in a well-balanced manner to maintain this figure for the rest of my life. I'm still in my early twenties, but I've lived with my thighs in mind. This time, I performed a thigh liposuction and my preconceptions about plastic surgery were all gone. I think the word "I don't know until I try" is true. Now I am very happy to live without being told that my lower body is cursed.
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my last review are, i never regret to do liposuction. for some people who want do liposuction, just do. never waste your time to think something that you need do immediately ^^
because my thigh become slimmer than before, my body shape become more pretier in my thinks.
i love the result of liposuction surgery more and more
look the result, please~ only a months after surgery but i already having the shape looking forward for next month result ^^