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Hip line thigh liposuction

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I am a college student. After I entered university, I drunk and played around, and I gained weight. It's even more thigh. So I'm 160cm tall and weighed 60kg. Actually, before I liposuction, I thought liposuction was a big operation and a celebrity-only operation. My friend told me not to be stressed out, but rather to liposuction. When I searched for liposuction hospital, I came to know Robbin Avenue. Once the presidents of 365mc said they would be good at liposuction, they went to Seoul blindly and consulted for thigh and hipline liposuction. I was worried that it would be uncomfortable when I started, but I thought it was okay. It's possible to run after a week or so. I always wore compression stocking in winter. I wore it for 2 months because it was more comfortable to wear pressure clothes. And I started my class and my friends got fat. Every time I heard how I dieted during the vacation, I feel good and most of all, I was able to wear the clothes I wanted to wear without worrying about it. I'm so happy that my legs are longer because of the hip line. Now I see the thigh effect, so I just want to have a calf and abdomen. I think that the liposuction is the answer for everyone who is a Harvey like me ^^ The results are really satisfactory !!
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yahooo~~!! i love the result of this surgery
it's 3 months, and i become more confident~ ^^
it's just a month after surgery. and my thighs become smaller day by day.
this pics are pics before i did liposuction on my thighs