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Arms, Braline, Thighs Liposuction

Leeha Leeha

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My arms feel like the heaviest on my entire body, and no matter how much I exercise, its almost impossible for me to get rid of those bingo wings therefore I finally made up my mind to do liposuction! Initially I’ve had my reservations after reading reviews on blogs the kinds of side effects a yoyo-diet would bring if one were to undergo liposuction but the consultation with my doctor reassured me and surprisingly I was able to proceed with the surgery as planned with no hiccups. I was so amazed by the before and after comparisons my doctor showed me!!! I never knew that one’s shoulder line could change so drastically just by doing arms liposuction!!! Its really eye-opening!!! I knew I picked the right plastic surgery then and finally decided to have my liposuction done at rovlavenue!!! It’s every girl’s dream to wear sleeveless shirts during summer! I hope I would be able to make that dream come true through my doctor’s help! I have initially thought of doing only arms liposuction, and even checked with the doctor if there are any areas on my body that could use some liposuction as well. In the end I decided to go with thigh liposuctions too! And this is how I managed to achieve my wannabe body! 2 years have passed since I last did liposuction and I am glad to say I am still maintaining my figure well. I used to hate summer a lot but now I can finally wear pretty sleeveless and even hot pants!!! Also during winter last time, I chose to not wear padding even if the penetrating cold chilled me to the bones, they would make my forearms look sturdy and my butt big. Now I can wear paddings without looking like a dumpling finally and no matter what the season is, I am always happy!
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hello~ its been almost a year after surgery and i really happy with the result
in the 6th months after surgery, you can see clearly the difference after surgery. no more worries about fat!
Hello~ this is my 3rd months after surgery review... i didn't use compress wear anymore and my body become slimmer day by day ^^
Hello. this is my review a month after surgery. i still wear compress wear to get my body in the shape.
it's a week after surgery, but i didnt feel any drastic change on my body. but if i take a pict, i see the difference on my body even a little.