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Arms, abs, thighs liposuction

Hyunnie Hyunnie

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hi~ i have concern about fat on my body. My body isn'ttoo big but isn't slim either. i have extra pounds on my abs, arms, and my thighs. that part really big concern for me. so i decide to do liposuction on that area after i searching about liposuction on website and i met Misooda. I found their website offer good price and they're also fast respons on online consultation. thats why i decided to do my surgery on ROVL introduced by Misooda.
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Never would have thought I am able to achieve a body figure like this... I am very satisfied with my results and will continue to exercise and eat healthy to maintain my figure. Thank you so much Rovlavenue!!!
I can notice my thighs starting to get slimmer!!
I managed to lose more weight through exercising and a strict diet, I feel lighter and healthy as a whole, its really a good feeling! My arm have also never been this slender before!
No more bulging stomach! Even my jeans is big on me now! My S line has also gotten more defined!
I can feel a significant change just after 3 months, especially when I am wearing jeans and leggings! The shape of my legs show nicely! My arms are also less flabby than before.