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It's almost a year after i did my liposuction. im happy with the result. i can get slimmer body without hard exercise
this is my 5th months after surgery
this is my 3rd months after surgery
As I have religiously been taking walks, stretching and going to the hospital for treatments and doing homecare on my own during this month, my flabby areas are starting to go away. I was really worried about my groin area, which seemed to be in a knot! Luckily it went away as with my flabby areas. The high frequency aftercare treatment also helped to firm up my body a lot. People used to tell me one’s skin could also end up like chicken skin (i.e goosebumps) after liposuction but I think so long as aftercare is done well, it would be alright. Personally I could feel my skin become smoother. Nobody could tell I had surgery if I hadn’t said anything. My senses have also finally returned so I kind of worried for nothing. Such a big change within a month like felt like magic to me. I was so touched to be able to button up my pants, finally!! I am the type who tends to have muscles on my legs so I was told specifically to not do leg weights, I was encouraged to do abdominal exercises instead. As for my diet, I think it would be fine as long as I follow the diet plan my doctor’d given me accordingly. I am always ever so thankful to rovlavenue for taking care of me so well!
I was told that I could shower after a day with waterproof bands on so I showered that morning. It took me longer than usual but I felt really refreshed after having showered! It hurt too much to put on the compression garment by myself so I had to go to the hospital and have them put it on for me. Maybe because I did thighs liposuction before I was very calm about doing abdomen liposuction. My entire thighs, right till my knees were swelling so I had difficulty walking, it was so serious I couldn’t even sit on the toilet bowl. I remember me laying on the operation table as they sterilized my body with red liquid, with tears welling in my eyes before I went to a deep sleep. I guessed I got a little emotional because of anxiety. The next moment before I knew it, I found myself at the recovery room. I felt cold and pain as anesthesia started to wear off. Thankfully I did feel better after getting some IV. I realised my swelling went down a bit after drinking juice and coffee, I also bought some pumpkin porridge back to help with the swelling. I rested at home, just laying down all day because it was difficult to walk. To my surprise, abdomen liposuction didn’t hurt as much. Maybe it was the first day hence why.