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Abdomen + Thigh Liposuction

Songmimi Songmimi

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Hello everybody, I am a housewife in my mid-30s. I guess as women, we will always have that greed to become prettier. Mine was to have a slender body at least once this lifetime but after I gave birth, I realized I was getting further and further away from what I had always hoped. So I was determined and thought to myself ‘Before it gets any later than now, I should do something about it. I chose rovlavenue plastic surgery in the end. I felt quite embarrassed initially because of my age but the doctor never stopped encouraging me. My consultation session felt very sincere and was very meticulous, it didn’t feel rigid at all. I used to think that the final outcome of the surgery is the most important, but after my consultation with rovlavenue, I came to realise that is equally important as well. It felt like just yesterday when I was thinking to myself I would recover soon and achieve the body line I’ve always dreamed of, but the surgery was done so well I couldn’t even see the incision scars on my abdomen and thighs. I actually thought of losing some weight before surgery but friends told me there was no need for dieting. I am proud of myself for undergoing the surgery after all, especially so many of my friends are telling me my figure has gotten slimmer. Thanks to doing the surgery, I am able to regain my confidence and I don’t feel self-conscious going to the swimming pool anymore. It was a summer I felt lighter as a whole. I have also started exercising after surgery so I can maintain my figure well. These days I don’t even gain weight even if I were to overeat on some days. I really recommend liposuction to those who have difficulty becoming slim no matter how much they work out or how strict they control their diet. I now have the slimmest body I’ve ever had in my life, and I couldn’t be happier.
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you can see the result~! I'm happy with this result as my didnt have burdensome to wear short skirt. lol
6th months after liposuction the result was really good. my thighs getting slimmer and my body become toned.
it's my 3rd months after my liposuction surgery. i can back to normal activity with happy heart ^^
i did liposuction a week ago. after liposuction i must wearing compression wear until a month. and as you can see, there some liquid quiting out on my incission area. but its okay, you're no need worry about it, because that is normal and will stop in after a week or 2 weeks after surgery.