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Double eyelid revision, Nose revision, Facial Liposuction, Face Fat Grafting

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I did eye surgery, nose surgery, facial liposuction, fat injection + PRP . I looked for over 30 plastic surgery center for my face. Before I came to ReN plastic surgery, I did twice eye surgery in Busan, but I failed. My double eyelid disappeared every time after I did eye surgery in Busan. The doctor in Busan plastic surgery said my eye cannot make double eyelid, but now I had beautiful double eyelid clearly after I did eye surgery in ReN plastic surgery. ReN plastic surgery is honest and they recommend only that I need. The Doctor Lee is extremely careful and precise. He make natural beautiful face. I was a little bit nervous and picky person, but ReN plastic surgery made satisfaction for me. ReN plastic surgery was small plastic center and there was only one plastic surgeon, so there was no ghost surgery. They offer the best after-care service. The care-nurse continuously cared me. I think that Doctor Lee Hyuck-jae is Number 1 in plastic surgery skill in korea. I write this writing, because I hope that every women who do plastic surgery get a good result.
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