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Whole Body Liposuction

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I think it would be the longest story ever. Recently, I am interesting in skin treatment and websurfing for it. There were lots of reviews about liposuction and it was quite fasnating because I was on diet actually. This is my first diet in my 26 years of life so I found confidence myself. My weight was 83-84 kg and I have more girl friends rather than boys. I stressed out a lot about lost my boyfriend from the other pretty and skinny girl when I had a boyfriend. (And ate heaps of food to heal myself with food) Decidind to do surgery with my money was not an easy for me. (That time, I did not trust reviews on online ) One of my friend who did Lipo also did it because of her other friend did Lipo. Once she told me all good about lipo and then finally decided to do lipo at Pretty Body Clinic. I did Entired of body so did upper body first then did lower body few days after. (My upper and lower body is huge so each surgery have done separately 2 time a part) I did Calf Lipo in winter . visited Clinic end of Oct for follow-up my entired of body lipo. When my doctor told me good job and well done during the recovery time, I emotionally tears coming out. Liposuction is also a surgery so I think mind control is the most important thing to decide the surgery. Ofcourse I met a nice consultant as well. My consultant told me before laying on operating room for upper body, please control eating foods haha (even when I laying on operating room for lower body..haha) I always contact her and ask her can I eat it if I want to eat something bad haha Thanks to my consultant to encourage my diet and I am very happy with my surery result at Pretty Body
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After 7 months.