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Thigh Lipo at Pretty Body Clinic

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Thigh Lipo at Pretty Body Clinic. Always considered to do Lipo but ambarrassed to do surgery to Male doctor. Googled several clinics where the female doctor operates Liposuction in good technique. I heard Pretty Body Clinic is quite good and also, Female doctor is also good at Liposuction with variety of experience as well. so decided to have a consultation at Pretty Body and the clinic is quite big total 6 floors and cute building. Lots of Korean customers waing for their turn. Consultation was quite essential to me and also, not that long because I had consultation in English with Consultant. (Very nice) visited many clinics but they all speak in Korean then staff translate to English during the consultation (so it takes sooooo long) But at Pretty Body Clinic, I do not have to wait for translation! I love my consultation and the female doctor so decide to do surgery as soon as possible. On the surgery day, I shaved all my hair before went clinic. (Actually,I was quite in tension because my period was coming soon but it was not a problem) when I wake up I was already at the recovery room and my friend was waiting for me. I went to her house and the clinic while staying in Korea for treatment.
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3 months after surgery, I work out everyday before sleep and control my diet habbit. They do scar rejuvenation care as well to prevent any scarring and also,I feel more comfident I feel they care me more to help recovery, it was really appreciated.