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Revision Lower Body Liposuction (Hip, Thighs, Knees, Calves Botox)

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The bruising is completely gone and so is my rashes. There is still some swelling, especially after a whole day on my feet. I was told that i will appreciate the final masterpiece after a few months but I already saw such a huge difference in the matter of a month! Huge thanks to Misooda and Pretty Body Clinic who made it happen for me!
I didn't feel much pain in my thighs as well when i woke up the next morning. It was the kind of pain and soreness that I half-expected since I experienced it before. It can be described as the soreness like after an intense exercise, but still tolerable. I was slacking the entire day in my hotel room and was scheduled for wound cleaning in the afternoon. And the next few days were the same too. I was swollen like an eggplant tho! As Miu from Misooda described haha. But after one week I could already see a subtle difference as the swelling subsided. I had some allergy rashes in between my thighs which I was told was normal when fats are taken out. I had to diligently put on a lotion prescribed to me and avoid heat in that area.
I had fasted for about 10 hours before my surgery. I wouldn’t lie but I was quite nervous the night before and had a bit of trouble falling asleep. I showered before going to the clinic (really important as I wouldn’t be able to shower for the next few days). When I reached the clinic, I met up with Hyelim again who brought me to a room to change into my gown and pack my things into a plastic container. She then brought me to see Angelina and the doctor in charge of my surgery. Apparent the doctor is one of the heads of the clinic who specializes in revision lipo! He is super friendly and I wasn’t uncomfortable at any point. He pointed out that my legs were uneven (the right was bigger than the left) and he also recommended me to get botox to get a more slender look. Again he told me that I needed to maintain my expectations as I had liposuction done before. After that, I was taken into the operating room where I had my sleeping anesthetic injected. I was taken up back to a ward after the surgery and rested for the rest of the day. I felt quite groggy and woke up in between but fell asleep right after. I only fully woke up when I really needed to pee! Haha. The nurses were really helpful and caring throughout my stay there. Hyelim came and visited me as well. She even bought me porridges to eat as I haven’t had any food the entire day! I wasn’t starving though… I just felt groggy and sleepy after the anesthetic, which is normal. Even though my hotel was less than 10mins walk from the clinic, I had to take the cab back on that day.