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I used to concerned about the thin lips compared to eyes and nose. I know that Lip filler makes lips thick like Angelina Jolie but afraid to do it because it's really painful as I heard. In Suddenly, I saw my friend lips and she told me she did filler injection on her lips and it looks really pretty! I visited the Pretty Body Clinic with her and did filler injection with Dr. Kim. Local anasthesia on lips so it was not that painful than what I expected. The most impressive thing at Pretty Body Clinic was the doctor keeps checking my lips whether more fillers can be injected, and make my lips and corner lips asymmetric of shape. I will decided to do retouch next month.
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After Month for retouch, I would like to make lips more thicker and it comes with very natural looking lips what I want. Definitely, I can see my lips more beautiful when wearing the coral colour lipgloss or other colour of lip product! The colour that not suite for me also quite suite to me now since I did filler injection on lips! I love how I look now and still looking at the mirror and taking photos haha
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