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My first hip fat grafting was trasplanated from my belly, however, I did my secondary transplanation from my arms. As the doctor said that 3 weeks after secondary transplanation is the most effective and see the dramatic result. Arm Liposuction: extracted 1400cc , Transplanation on Hip: 800cc Can you see my S curved line especially from waist to hip line? I think I did good job when I looked at my hip haha At the first time, I was struggling on swelling and bruises and it was temperary pain so I can handle it. Course, the hardness also, not that bad as I expected too. (I believe it is one of the techniques what doctos have) I did not used to wear tight clothes but now, I keep looking for tight dress so that I can show my butt. I think just skinny body is not always good but needs curved line from waist to hipline to complete the bodyline. Operation at Pretty Body Clinic was quite lucky to me without any doubt.
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