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Arm Liposuction with Pretty Body Clinic

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Hello! This is a picture of liposuction of one week after the change of the arm at the Pretty body clinic. I came to know this clinic through MISOODA, but MISOODA gave me a reply as soon as I asked a question or question, and helped me a lot. The day after arriving in Korea, MISOODA arranged for a consultation and surgery. My appointment with a doctor of my choice went very smoothly. The pretty body clinic staff were also very helpful and friendly. In particular, Angelina and Hyelin, who translated my English, responded well. They reassured and calmed me, who was scared because it was a small operation but the first one. The operation took about an hour or two and proceeded very quickly. After the operation, she was asleep under anesthesia, but after a while she woke up from an arm pain and was in the recovery room. Nurses, Angelina and Hyelin always cared for me. The staff and aftercare were very good choosing this clinic!
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