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I suffered from severe facial asymmetry so my posture and head tilted greatly towards my left. I felt uncomfortable whenever I talk to people due to the difference in the level of my gaze. I also had a long face and my gums showed a lot when I speak or smile. In order to eliminate these three causes of my inferiority complex, I decided on a corrective jaw surgery. I was terrified at first as it was a major surgery requiring general anesthesia. However, after setting the date for my surgery, I read many reviews online which made me less worried. On the day of the surgery, I was a little nervous but I knew I was going to be fine. I had wanted to live a life with more confidence, be confident in front of others and get a sharper facial outline by correcting my gummy smile, facial asymmetry and long face which caused my inferiority complex. My teeth were wired together for 2 weeks after the surgery which was really uncomfortable. However, time passed quicker than expected and from the third month onwards, I felt confident and self assured whenever I smile. I feel very happy and relieved. ^^
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