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Thread Lift + Mini Face Liposuction Experience While My Holiday in Korea

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  • Surgery date : 2015.08.03
I was always bothered with my chubby face. Since I was a little until now, no matter how skinny I am, my face is always chubby. Growing up I really love taking pictures. But my big chubby cheeks decrease my confidence. I always found myself covering my cheek with my long hair, even in hot and humid Indonesia. After the consultation, we immediately got ready for my procedures. Yes, we did it on the same day as I don’t need much preparation and I don’t have much time here in Seoul. Before the surgery, I had to sign some documents and the nurses ask several more questions regarding allergy, periods and other important stuffs for the surgery. I changed my clothes and get in to the surgery room. The nurse gave me sedation and the next thing I know they woke me up to move to the resting room and all the procedures were done. I don’t feel or remember a thing.
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Hello everyone, so I’m back for my second week review. So after travelling in Korea, I immediately flew to Beijing to meet with my family. The first thing my parents said was my face is a bit green because of all the bruises. They also said that I got so much chubbier than before. The only problem was I can’t open my mouth wide and it’s still uncomfortable to chew. My family also noticed that I looked a bit weird when I talk and my smile was a bit unnatural. But I think it’s all still because of the swelling so I just need to wait patiently! Overall, I didn’t feel any pain or discomfort. I still wear my headband diligently as the Doctors suggested. I use ice pack to help reduce swelling and bruising. The bruises can be easily covered with makeup. Wait for more updates as I recover!
Fast forward to the fifth day. It was time to remove the stitches. Mega staff was kind and the stitches removal was very quick. I didn’t feel anything. Straight after the stitches removal, they offered me the deswelling laser again. I can finally go out normally and enjoy my holiday in Seoul. At the end, Mega Hospital gave me a surgery certificate, just in case the immigration in the airport couldn’t recognize me, I can show that document to prove that I ‘did’ something on my face. However, nothing drastic changed. Thank you to all the doctors, consultants and nurses for the amazing service and results. So for those of you who are interested, please check Misooda for all amazing deals and offers. For people like me, who is price conscious and don’t understand any Korean, you can trust Misooda. I had a real experience and I’m very happy and satisfied!0
The next day, my face was even more swollen. My friends contacted Misooda’s consultant since they have been very prompt in their replies and that the first 3 days after surgery will peak in swelling. I was very upset because I don’t want to go out with face full of bandages. I was down but my friends cheered me up and encouraged me to go out. They said nobody knows me here in Korea, and there’s a bunch of other people doing even more major surgery than myself! I think it’s very important that you go with someone who’s positive and supportive. I can’t imagine myself without them and I probably lock myself in the hotel till the last day. Big thanks to my friends, I finally have more confidence. So I went out with face full of bandages but covered up with a cap and mask. Before going around Seoul, I went back to Mega Hospital to do follow up checkups. They offered me to do laser treatment for deswelling. Going around Seoul with bandage, face mask, and a cap was very suffocating. But I have no choice, and I actually sometimes I forgot I just had surgery because I didn’t feel any pain! The only hard thing was eating. I had to cut all the food in small pieces since I can’t open my mouth wide and it’s very hard to chew. I ate mostly soup and noodles for the first few days.